The Strategic Plan sets the direction and priorities for the AFUB for a four-year term following each General Assembly. It guides the AFUB in its role as the representative voice of blind and partially sighted people worldwide and specifies the policy priorities to be undertaken during the specific four-year term period.

The Plan is developed by the AFUB Table Officers, Regional Presidents and a number of resource persons.
It builds on past Strategic Plans and reflects our organizational achievements and what we have learned over the past number of years, as well as emerging environmental trends and continued and new priorities. It is designed to be a fluid plan which will evolve and be refined as the AFUB undertakes its work. The Strategic Plan contains four Strategic Priorities and one Enabling Priority, each of which in turn has a number of Strategic Objectives to provide focus to our work.

The Work Plan complements this document as each Strategic Objective is expanded upon, providing details of the following: activities, target outcomes, Key Performance Indicators, who is responsible for each action, date by which each action is to be completed and a status report on the activities. The work plan is updated and monitored by the Officers on a semi-annual basis and is reported upon to our members and the general public through our Annual Reports.

Listed below are AFUB’s past and current Strategic Plans as well as our Work Plan summaries:​